'˜Masterplan' created for St Mary's Lands in Warwick

A working group has created a three-year '˜masterplan' for St Mary's Lands in Warwick.

Following public consultation, development plans have been recommended for the land which could cost more than £700,000.

A working party has been developing a regeneration masterplan for the lands, which includes recommendations for parking, public facilities and a cycle path.

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For this financial year reviews and surveys have been suggested, which includes 
assessing the provision of a hotel next to the racecourse and to assess the economic impact of the potential development.

There are also proposals to create more public access to the lands, which includes improvements at Hampton Road/Gog Brook and to help create a cycle link from Hampton Street to Saltisford 

Among the proposals for 2017/18 there are plans to spend £26,000 improving toilet facilities at the nearby golf centre and at the racecourse for the public and proposals to spend £110,000 to create an additional 20 parking spaces at the Saltisford Brook car park.

Proposals for 2018/19 include partially funding the development of a new children’s play area on land adjacent to Racing Club Warwick and the creation of a long-stay car park at Hampton Street.

The total estimated cost of the proposals for St Mary’s Lands come to £741,500.

The plans will be discussed at the Warwick District Council’s meeting on Wednesday November 30.