Masterplan for hundreds of houses on land east of Kenilworth drawn up

A masterplan to help control two massive housing developments on land east of Kenilworth has been drawn up by Warwick District Council.

The land which the masterplan will cover. It features a 760-home site near Thickthorn, and a 640-home site near Crewe Lane. The masterplan will create an 'overall vision for the area'

The two sites, on adjacent land near Thickthorn Island and Crewe Lane respectively, will have around 1,400 new homes between them according to the recently agreed Local Plan.

The land will also feature eight hectares of employment land to the southeastern part of the site and 18 hectares of land for Kenilworth School and Sixth Form's new site at Southcrest Farm.

A new primary school and a 'local centre' for the community will also be built.

What the land will be used for on the two sites

But this new masterplan, called 'Land East of Kenilworth Development Brief', will add an extra layer of guidelines for building on the two sites which any developers will have to follow. If they do not, they risk planning permission being refused.

The masterplan may be put out to public consultation if the council's executive agree to do so at a meeting on Wednesday October 31.

Council officers stated: "(The masterplan) will help ensure that the developments on the land east of Kenilworth are integrated well with the town, providing much needed housing, open space, employment and land and community facilities."

Some of the key features of the masterplan include making sure the houses built are a mix of around 40 per cent 'affordable' and 60 per cent market-price homes. The buildings would have a similar design to other homes in Kenilworth, but there would also be support for some 'innovative' designs.

Also, the masterplan would make sure cycling and walking is actively encouraged thanks to dedicated routes through the two sites, such as shared pavements, and will keep the current footpath through Glasshouse Way and Rocky Lane.

It will make sure the speed limit on all roads will be 20mph, apart from the main 'spine road' running through the two sites, which will be 30mph.

Access to the southern part of the site would be a new road off Thickthorn Island and another road off Leamington Road. The northern part of the site would be served via two new junctions with Crewe Lane, and the centre of the site would be access through where Kenilworth RFC is currently based.

There would also be new traffic signals at St John's gyratory to cope with the likely increase in traffic.

Public transport would have to serve the two sites and link up with the town centre and railway station.

The masterplan would ensure the 'local centre' would feature a convenience store, other shops, offices, restaurants, cafes and takeaways.

Green spaces would also be supported by the masterplan, and if adopted the land will feature a central park with a play area, green corridors into the park and space for new allotments.

And parking in the two sites would be a mix of on-drive and on-street.

If the executive agree, the masterplan will be put out for public consultation after the Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan referendum, which takes place on Thursday November 15. The masterplan could still apply regardless of the outcome of the referendum.

The masterplan can be viewed in full on the Warwick District Council website and clicking on 'Item 8 - Appendix 1'