Miracle escape as shoeless BMW driver ploughs into roundabout near Rugby

Police were stunned that nobody was seriously injured as vehicle cuts across traffic at 70mph

A terrified 29-year-old driver had a miracle escape after the brake pedal on a BMW got stuck at 70mph.

The vehicle ploughed straight on at the traffic island under junction 18 of the M1 but somehow missed all other traffic and finished wedged into the undergrowth after a bit of off-roading.

Shocked response officers who found the grey BMW unusually 'parked' sideways on the island admitted they it was remarkable nobody was seriously injured in the crash on the A428 at Crick at about 3.40pm on Sunday (September 19).

Police found the grey BMW wedged into undergrowth at junction 18 of the M1

Northamptonshire Police confirmed it appeared the driver, a woman from Leicestershire, may have removed a shoe which then became wedged in the footwell under the brake pedal.

A spokesman said: "This appears to have been a consequence of poor decision making. At 70mph, there was not way to stop. Fortunately no other vehicles were involved but it could easily have been fatal."