Missing person: Five years on and Leamington man's loved ones put out heartfelt appeal

Missing: Sanjiv Kundi.Missing: Sanjiv Kundi.
Missing: Sanjiv Kundi.
A missing Leamington man's family have sent him a heartfelt birthday message to appeal for his safe return five years after they last saw him.

Sanjiv Kundi was last seen in Leamington on September 25 2013 before he travelled to Paris via Eurostar and never returned home from what he had told his relatives would be a sight-seeing trip.

In the hope he sees their message, his family have said: “Happy Birthday.

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“We miss you so much, we hope you have a wonderful day and hope wherever you are, you’re safe and well.

Sanjiv KundiiSanjiv Kundii
Sanjiv Kundii

“Remain blessed always.”

Sanjiv, also known as Tony, was 41 at the time of his disappearance and had no children and was not married nor was he in a relationship that his family knew of.

This is the first time he has ever gone missing.

Members of his family have travelled to Paris over the years but any leads as to his possible whereabouts or possible sightings have proven to be false.

French police and Interpol have assisted with the search in the past but now the family only has the Missing People charity and website for help.

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His family have registered his passport to flag up if he uses it at any borders but have said he would be able to travel to approximately 59 different countries via rail without using it anyway.

Sanjiv has been described as an Asian man, about 6ft 2ins tall, of a large build with short, dark grey curly hair and a beard which is also greying.

He wore spectacles and his clothing on the day he went missing was a brown heavy three-quarter length coat and brown cargo trousers.

On the day he travelled to Paris, Sanjiv caught the 4.22pm train from London St Pancras.

He was last seen at the Gare du Nord on the same day.

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Warwickshire Police have helped the family to renew their appeal over the years and have asked people who have any information about his whereabouts to call 01926 415000 (or from abroad 00 44 1926 415000).

In the UK, someone is reported missing every 90 seconds and 180 people are reported missing annually.

There are 340,000 reported missing incidents every year.

The number of missing incidents is higher than the number of individuals who go missing because some people go missing more than once.

Most of the people who are reported missing are vulnerable or at risk and many are reported missing multiple times, making them even more vulnerable.

Sanjiv’s profile can be found on the Missing People charity website at https://www.missingpeople.org.uk/help-us-find/sanjiv-kundi-13-002987