Musician promises free Leamington gig to fans who could not make first show due to snow

Fish, Haddington, All Pics  Martin Hunter.Fish, Haddington, All Pics  Martin Hunter.
Fish, Haddington, All Pics Martin Hunter.
A musician has promised a free gig for fans who could not make it to his show in Leamington due to the heavy snow last weekend.

Derek Dick, who goes by the stage name Fish, went ahead with his scheduled show at the Leamington Assembly on Sunday December 10 despite plenty of ticket holders being unable to attend.

But Fish, the former leader singer of rock band Marillion, said the decision on whether to cancel or not was out of his hands.

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In a statement on his website, he said: "I do not have the ability to cancel shows. Only the promoter and venue have that. The fact is that 60 per cent of the audience and the band and crew showed up last night (Monday) and I am sincerely appreciative of their efforts to do so."

However, Fish said everyone involved was 'very sympathetic' to the fans who could not get there.

It was agreed that a new show will be held at the Assembly next year for anyone who was unable to attend, although the date has yet to be confirmed.

Fish added: "Please appreciate that the entire situation last night was out of our control and we had to think about the people that were able to get there.

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"I most sincerely appreciate all the effort that those fans did put in to be part of our show.

"The situation is complex for a number of reasons but we will unravel it all and set up a gig to compensate. It will happen.

"To those who couldn’t get there, sorry you missed it but I will deliver you a show next year."

Fans who were unable to attend have been advised to keep hold of their unused tickets.

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