New design studio and letterpress workshop set to launch in Leamington town centre

Traditional craftsmanship and modern technology will be combined by a new business launching in Leamington town centre on Saturday (November 10).

Pinched Post

Pinched Post, in is a new shop, design studio and letterpress workshop at 45 Russell Street.

Steve Lay, of Pinched Post, said: "We combine traditional craftsmanship with sound design thinking and modern technologies.

"Our letterpress studio is one of a handful of working letterpress studios in the UK, printing and working with movable type in the same way Gutenburg did in the 15th Century.

Pinched Post.

"We work with two mid-century proofing presses as well as man powered Victorian printing presses.

"Our workshop is open to visitors and we hold workshops for those that wish to learn about both traditional letterpress typography and calligraphy."

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