New vegan deli to open in Leamington

A new vegan deli is set to open in Leamington tomorrow (Friday July 27).
An artist impression of the new vegan deli in Leamington.An artist impression of the new vegan deli in Leamington.
An artist impression of the new vegan deli in Leamington.

Plant-based delicatessen Fred & Virginia, is the brainchild of mother and daughter, entrepreneurs Jacquie Monteith and Lauren Castle, decided to launch their own venture having been frustrated in their efforts to source suitable produce in the mainstream food market.

The new deli will cater for vegans, vegetarians and people with a variety of food allergies and also aims to attract families wishing to eat more healthily and consume food produced with minimal impact on the environment.

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Jacquie said: “Both Lauren and I suffer from food intolerances and we have been unable to find readily available food that is both tasty and meets our dietary needs.

“We used to spend hours trawling the Internet for plant-based or ‘free-from’ products we could enjoy, visiting several outlets in order to do our weekly shop – we felt it was time to make a stand.

“Our food is handpicked, we’ve met all of our suppliers and we have personally tasted each and every product, so that our customers don’t have to go through the painful process of checking the ingredients on every label!

“We genuinely believe that we can revolutionise the way people think about food and the produce they consume, marrying great customer service with a unique food experience that is truly inclusive and champions sustainability.

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“We have put our heart and soul into launching F&V and we hope that our passion for quality produce can encourage people to explore new food combinations and have great fun doing so.”

The deli will offer fresh food for breakfast and takeaway lunches as well as pantry items, ready meals, soups, bread and cakes. It will also stock a selection of luxury hampers and gifts.

There will also be a series of future events, allowing an expanding network of small, independent producers – many of whom are small family-run businesses - to talk directly to consumers about their products.

It will also engage with local community groups and charities, as well as offering services to schools, local offices and children’s parties.

Fred & Virginia will launch on Friday July 27 in 113 Regent Street.

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