A far from satisfactory experience

My recent dealings with the planning department were far from satisfactory.

Some months ago they saught approval for an application from Punch Taverns to build five three storey houses at the rear of the Millwright Arms pub, a listed building in Coten End, with an access road, through the gardens and car-park, to and from, the main road.

As this is my ‘local’ I wished to lodge an objection, so I went to the planning office and asked to see the plans. After 15 minutes’ wait, I was informed that they had ‘gone missing’, so I asked to speak to the case officer. After another 15 minutes I was told that he had left the building, and could not be located.

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I then asked how many objections had been recieved,and was told that this could not be discussed, as it was ‘case sensitive’.

Whilst I was waiting, I looked at their website, and saw that any contact information on the applicants, or their agents, had been blacked out.

I also discovered that neither the pub landlord, or any of the residents in Broad Street, had recieved planning notices,even though some of their houses backed onto the site.

We later learned that Punch Taverns had withdrawn its application. - John Garland, Coten End, Warwick.