A sad slap in the face for Leamington

We are extremely disappointed that a sex establishment licence was granted to Shades this week despite clear and reasoned opposition. It is a slap in the face for Leamington in general and for the Old Town in particular, weighing against the aspirations and efforts of local people who have worked so hard to achieve Mary Portas funding for regeneration. It is also an affront to democracy, as councillors from elsewhere in the district overrode the objections of local people and their elected representatives.

Sex clubs have no place in the centre of small towns where local residents and other stakeholders seek to develop a safe, flourishing neighbourhood. The increasing number of young female students in the area, from the UK and abroad, adds to concerns about the wisdom of the decision.

The legislative tools which exist to cap the sex trade have been adopted by a number of local authorities. The ‘Say No to Strip Clubs in Warwick District’ campaign will redouble its efforts to cap the sex trade in our own locality through a change in the policy of Warwick District Council. - Revd Christopher Wilson, Spokesman for ‘Say No to Strip Clubs in Warwick District’ campaign.

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