Best to ensure former glory is maintained

I wanted to write in support of the proposed development of the old library building. If you look at what an amazing job they did at transforming what was a tatty building on the corner of Newbold Terrace, into the grand building it is now, and if we remember the sorry state the building was left in by the 
previous occupiers, the finished product looks amazing.

In an ideal world it would be great to transform the old library building back to its former glory. However we live in difficult times where the public purse is stretched. Would it not be better to ensure the former glory of building is maintained (at least on the outside)?

If the council were to wait for someone to turn up, we might be waiting for a long time. And all this time the building will be costing the tax payer money in maintenance.

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It sounds like Bath Place Community Venture is not in a position to purchase the building. But even if it were, would it be able to maintain it? Old buildings are expensive to run and maintain.
- Chris Bassett, via email.