Change the system to let traffic flow

As all other residents of Warwick and Leamington I am frustrated at the amount of roadworks we have to put up with, yet one place seems to work for me. The closure of Jury and High Streets in Warwick to eastbound traffic seems to work as it stands, as the westbound traffic seems to flow easier

It seems to me that the drawback of sending the traffic around the town is the cape where vehicles have to wait for others travelling north up the Butts from East-gate, could be alleviated simply by making the Butts one-way southbound so traffic is free to flow either south to Castle Hill or east down Priory Road. This would create a free flowing system that would not effect other feeder roads to the town centre or require much re-routing of present road layouts. Why haven’t the planners thought of this already or is it too logical for them? - N Hodgkinson, Hampton Road, Warwick.

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