Choice over bins should be ours

I was disappointed to learn that Warwick district councillor Dave Shilton has stated that there will not be a review of bin collections. This is in spite of David Cameron’s announcement that funding for weekly bin collections would be available from April next year.

Mr Cameron appears to be responding to the large volume of complaints received by the Government regarding this issue. It can be resolved quickly, yet WDC are not even considering the scheme! Stratford District Council has stated that it intends to review the scheme - clearly they have understood the situation and responded to the electorate.

Indeed, I feel that Cllr Shilton has made an assumption that people want to revert to the weekly bin collection with all waste collected together. If he consulted with members of the public he might be surprised to find that many only request weekly collections of the grey general waste bins. The recycled green bin/paper is deemed adequate for fortnightly collections.

My prediction is that the strength of feeling of voters is more than Cllr Shilton realises. The choice should be ours; not his. We pay them, yet the council is not listening to the requests of the community.

I encourage anyone who feels strongly to contact Cllr Shilton to suggest he reconsiders weekly grey bin collections. - John Ciriani, address supplied.