Come on, don’t let the litterbugs beat us

I am a frequent visitor to Leamington Spa as I come to see my grandchildren.

We go to many of the parks in the area, most of which are beautifully kept and maintained, a pleasure to visit. Last Friday, unfortunately, we went to the Shrubslands Play Area.

I have hardly ever seen such a litter strewn park and playground as this was. I walked across the bridge, and this area was also full of litter. Most of it looked as if it has been there for some time and not just blown there.

I noticed that McDonalds has a litter bin at the edge of their land, just before the park, but it appears that a lot of people, litterbugs, go into the park to eat and then leave their rubbish. Could McDonalds, as a service to the community, at least go into the park and pick up some of the litter just by the entrance.

Come on Leamingtonians, do not let the litterbugs win - Mrs Jackie Jones, via email.

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