Council right to stop screening

I was appalled to read in the Courier (May 2) that Chris White MP supports an open public cinema event where films certified as not suitable for children will be shown. My objection is simple: the cinema is in a public place so access by children cannot be controlled.

The district council is quite correct to deny permission in such circumstances. What part of this does Mr White not understand?

One can only assume it is because he is so desperate to attract votes for next year’s General Election he is prepared to write and encourage Government Ministers to draw a blind eye to what in effect could be a breach of the law.

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As a mother of two children, I am pleased that we will have the choice of a woman at the next general election with Labour fielding Lynnette Kelly. She cut an impressive figure on the BBC’s Sunday Politics this week and somehow I don’t think, as a woman, she would play so fast and loose.

Sandra Bennett, Saltisford, Warwick