Does councillor deserve this?

I read with interest the article in last week’s Courier titled ‘Council to apologise in writing’, but there is an error in fact which I feel should be corrected.

It states that Lydia Turpin was at Racing Club Warwick. In fact at the time of complaint, she was secretary of the wholly independent boxing club based at the racecourse.

I understand she was asked to leave shortly afterwards, a new chairman took over the club, and she was not an officer of the club when the hearing took place.

The complaint was in fact against Cllr Bromley and two other people, (myself being one of them); relating to a public meeting of the community forum, and the nature of questions put to Lydia Turpin about the governance of the boxing club.

I asked questions in connection with the problems that Racing Club Warwick had experienced with the boxing club; and Cllr Bromley was quite correctly carrying out her role as a local councillor asking about their finances and governance, as they had applied for a further grant of council money.

One of her three questions asked if the boxing club had already received a £10,000 grant allocated to them by Warwick District Council.

The boxing club were applying for a further £2,870 from the community forum fund and I considered Cllr Bromley’s questions to be polite, relevant and respectful whilst seeking to ensure that taxpayers’ money was being properly awarded to the club.

Lydia Turpin was also asked about their constitution and how many members the boxing club had.

The questions to ask as a local ratepayer was, did Cllr Bromley really deserve to be pilloried over this; and her good reputation within Warwick tarnished by these allegations? I would also like to know what has been the total cost of this standards investigation?

Andy Cowlard, Chairman, Racing Club Warwick