Don’t destroy our green field sites

The council needs to strongly incentivise brownfield use before we think about destroying our green fields. I suggest three possible approaches:

1) Green field sites should not be released to developers unless they also commit to housebuilding on brown field land in the district

2) Any green field development must be built to higher environmental standards than brown field (perhaps code level five for green as opposed to code level three for brown)

3) Any green field housing development should have at least 50 per cent social housing to alleviate the housing crisis for those currently living in the area. Brownfield sites could be built with a lower proportion.

It’s ridiculous that the council and site owners are struggling to find developers for brown field sites like that around Morrisons, whilst profit hungry construction companies eye up our local countryside. We need development that provides housing and employment for those that need them whilst looking after our local environment.

Cllr Jonathan Chilvers, Leamington & Warwick Green Party

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