Friends show true grit to buy bins

The Friends of St. Nicholas Park were successful in their application for a grant from the Warwick South Community Forum to purchase a grit bin for the south side of the park.

This has now been placed near a slope on a much-used pathway between the Emscote and Myton sides of the river. It will prove invaluable during icy conditions when the slope is particularly hazardous to pedestrians and cyclists.

This has been an accident black spot for many years for schoolchildren and other users of this route across the river and it is hoped that this initiative of the Friends will help to reduce such incidents. Warwickshire County Council highways have kindly agreed to keep the bin filled and grit will be spread on the slope by local snow wardens when frost and snow is forecast.

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Warwick District Council and Warwickshire County Council have provided a pot of money that each community forum can distribute to local groups and individuals and groups are encouraged to apply to their local forums for funding to spend on areas of work which match the criteria. For further information contact the community partnership team on 456102 or check out Warwick District Council’s website. - Cllr. Linda Bromley, Warwick South Ward