Gay marriage is not the same

I agree with Paul Norris in opposing the same sex marriage because I believe marriage is a unique and wonderful relationship between one man and one woman (Letters last week). It is an economic tie. But basically, as Paul Norris says, its purpose is for mutual comfort and for having children.

As a Christian I believe in marriage as the basis of our society independently of the state.

The Christian tradition of marriage has long been adopted in our country. There are legal sanctions for those who violate it, eg bigamy, incest and adultery. So should we allow gay people to marry? No. In my view because to do so is to subvert society. It threatens marriage by turning it into something completely different.

We are a tolerant society. We already permit same sex civil partnerships which many gay people say is sufficient.

Besides, the legal implications are very serious. Birth certificates would no longer refer to the ‘father’ but rather the ‘first progenitor’.

Permitting gay marriage is saying it is the same thing as the unique bond between one man and one woman. It isn’t! Finally, 400,000 people of all faiths and none also oppose same-sex marriage online. Politicians should take note. - Name and address supplied.

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