Help us keep our venture going

An open letter to David Cameron:

David Cameron came here to Bath Place Leamington in 2009. We ask that you, David Cameron honour your pledge that community ventures are safe under your ‘Big Society’scheme and release the necessary funding to enable us at Bath Place to save our building.

There is a huge amount of funding resources available, the main one being the Big Society Bank. Also there are other sources of funding such as the regional growth fund that has only given out six loans so far and if you take into account that the £100 billion plus to be spent on replacing Trident there is ample funding available.

We hope that you can honour your pledge to keep the Big Society dream alive for poor people as well as rich people. For instance if it was your Oxford drinking club, the Bullingdon Club there would be no problems with funding it. We look forward to hearing your answer. - Signed on behalf of the Members of the Bath Place Forum