Is the Warwick Mop a help or hindrance?

Is it time to look at the pros and cons of the Warwick Mop?

The organisers seem to be a law unto themselves. Their lorries and their “amusements/rides”get bigger and bigger and take up more and more of of our town centre streets. Their huge lorries park on the pavements, causing broken paving slabs (see the damage in Barrack Street), their electricity cables are no longer covered by rubber matting to avoid pedestrians tripping over them. They park their cars on the green outside the library.

Yes, many people enjoy these mops, but what about the shop owners who are can ill afford the loss of trade at this difficult time, and what about the market traders who are squeezed out.

Yes, the town centre residents also have a lot to put up with, but no doubt it is their fault for choosing to live in the town centre. - Name and address supplied.