Lands should be fiercely defended

I was appalled to read about the so called ‘master plan’ for St Mary’s Lands. Some people sadly seem determined to keep eating away at this green space.

It should remain green and with public access to the whole area for the present townsfolk and future generations to enjoy.

I was equally surprised to see the sudden addition of wooden and wire fencing being constructed – would this have needed planning permission being in the Conservation Area? According to a little snippet in the Courier a few weeks back, this has been put there to prevent escaping race horses galloping into the town centre – which obviously could have awful consequences. I may be wrong, but to my knowledge, this has not happened for a number of years. Some might say that the fence is more of an attempt to keep the public off public land, than to keep race horses in.

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Surely if a horse really wanted to ‘escape’, it would clear that fence easily?

The future of St Mary’s Lands should, quite rightly, be fiercely defended and protected.

P Rainbow, Crompton Street, Warwick

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