Leave our church schools alone

In his ‘Viewpoint’ article in the Courier, April 24, George Broadhead, chair of the Coventry and Warwickshire Humanists, accused ‘faith schools’ of ‘discrimination’ and ‘cultural alienation’. But something tells me that Mr Broadhead and his friends don’t really care about such things. They just hate Christianity, and their ‘Fair Admissions Campaign’ is merely an excuse to harass our wonderful Church of England and Roman Catholic schools.

Like their Marxist comrades, Humanists are a tiny, unrepresentative sect but they do possess a low cunning. They know that if they can prevent church schools from admitting the children of church-goers and from employing Christian teachers then the whole ethos of these schools will be destroyed. And that is exactly what they want.

In his article Mr Broadhead accused politicians of ‘running away’ from issues around ‘faith schools’. What he means is that the politicians aren’t doing what he wants and attacking church schools.

Unfortunately for him, that’s because politicians know how immensely successful and popular these schools are.

I’ve got a better idea for Mr Broadhead and his Humanist friends – why don’t they leave our politicians and our schools alone and form their own political party? That way they can promote their ‘enlightened’ message out in the open and so delight all those countless thousands who would love to vote for them. And if that doesn’t work they can move to North Korea, where everyone is a Humanist.

TK Jerome, Warwick New Road, Leamington