Let your views be known

I was very disappointed with the majority of the district councillors at a meeting that was held on Tuesday night. The purpose of the meeting was to vote on ‘should the local plan go to public consultation’ and of course it should - but not this one.

The plan as it stands at the moment is flawed as the public consultation will show. The number of houses have not been allocated evenly throughout the district and so far they exceed the needs of the community and will impose problems on our roads, schools, health services and make the air pollution levels even higher.

Previous objections have been ignored by the district councillors and at every consultation housing numbers increase.

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There are no options given other than the one in the plan which gives the majority of the houses to South Warwick where the infrastructure will not cope. Warwick councillors Bromley, Dhillon, Mellor, Higgins and Kinson put up strong objections to the plan but because the vote was carefully worded it got through by the majority. I openly encourage and hope the residents of Warwick will attend the public consultations and hope that they are listened to.

Cllr Mandy Littlejohn, Warwick town councillor.

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