Middle England stabbed in the back

“My lovely rural constituency with its villages and churches.”

A direct quote from David Cameron when addressing his Chipping Norton set neighbours on the eve of the election.

Given the lack of concern Cameron and many of his colleagues show for other people’s rural areas, the Prime Minister probably doesn’t want you to be reminded of his words so I thought I would.

It’s not just HS2. In the East Midlands, villagers now find themselves blighted by a nuclear waste dump. Lovely Shropshire will see legions of super pylons altering the skyline and creating lord knows what hazards. Anywhere and everywhere is liable to play unwilling host to a travellers site or those insane projects, the wind farms.

Is it not time that an amalgamation of protest groups took place and told the London-centric political and fiscal elite where to put their nice little earners and plans of convenience?

In the case of HS2 you northerners beware, the Notting Hillbillies and big money London ex-pats need a fresh supply of quaint stone houses for their second homes. The bullet trains will need only travel to Brum to secure this. Locals will be priced out of the market as they have in picturesque areas in the south, finding themselves stabbed in the back as surely at the undeserving folk of middle England already have been.

The Nasty Party, still alive and well. Cheers Dave, we owe you one. - N. Lucas, Red Lane, Kenilworth.