No need for stringent parking controls

I feel compelled to write to you in the strongest possible terms regarding the control of traffic parking in Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth particularly in the early evenings.

In these times of extreme austerity when a lot of our town’s premises are lying empty boarded up and unable to be let leaving the heart of these once thriving shopping and eating areas deserted, except for the odd gangs of drunken yobs who seem to have filled the void!

When out of town shopping is being frowned upon by councils, is it any wonder when we have traffic wardens on duty in large numbers until 8pm in the evenings and all day Sundays? What is the reason for this? There are virtually no deliveries after 5.30-6pm and not at all on Sundays, yet the workers and shoppers are being discouraged and penalised for lingering an hour or two at the end of a working day to enjoy and unwind in the cafes, bars and restaurants not to mention the parks. Just when did the lunatics really take over the asylum?

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What is the chamber of commerce doing standing back watching this disgraceful destruction of our town centres in early evening? I would appreciate your and your reader’s comments on this matter. - Name and address supplied.

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