No where for my children to let

I am writing with regards to the student housing problems experienced in south Leamington.

I am concerned that there are larger numbers of agents boards bearing the name ‘student homes’. Am I to believe that my own children who seek homes in Leamington, where they work, can no longer rent these properties?

There is a huge demand for housing in Leamington, especially for our own single people.
The rents that landlords charge students are extortionate, unaffordable now for many working on low wages as it has pushed up the rental on properties.

Is this not discrimination against local people who are in need of housing but aren’t students? Many of these properties are ordinary family houses where living rooms are let along with all bedrooms. Council tax is not paid by students and where there are high densities in South Town it falls upon the local full time residents to clear up or put up with mess and noise.

I understand Leamington currently houses over 5,000 students and as term started a while ago now, I am wondering why so many unlet properties are allowed to stand empty when we have such a demand for housing.

Jak Sheridan, Via email