Parking charges are killing the town

The parking charges and rules coupled with over zealous traffic wardens are killling the trade in this town. I am a town centre resident and I often see groups of up to four traffic wardens, clearly targeting the areas near restaurants/bars to ticket people who had not realised that you still have to pay in some areas up to 10pm.

They also hang around cars where the ticket is about to expire so that they can get the vehicle booked .

I travel the country and I have not witnessed any town or city with such complicated parking charging schedules that vary so widely from street to street .

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A one off free parking period for a special event makes no difference, in fact it will just add to the confusion.

A good move would be to make it free to park on Sundays and bank holidays. Sending the wardens on a course in how not to totally kill this town would be another.

F J Walsh, via email.