Railways are far too expensive to use

I am writing to say how sorry I am that the HS2 does seem to be going ahead. To me it just seems to be another white elephant just like the Concord. Where is it now? On the scrap heap. Also the Millennium Dome and the cost of that.

Does it matter if a train trip takes a few minutes extra? Why not put extra trains on when they are needed and get rid of first class as most of them are running empty most of the day?

I always did enjoy train journeys but now they are far to expensive. Now whenever I go to London I drive to the outskirts and then get a rover ticket on the London underground and buses. Doing it this way is a great deal cheaper than using the railways.

The railways went wrong when they were sold off along with other utilities such as gas, water, telecom, electric etc. Then these companies had to make money for shareholders, at the expense of the consumers. - Michael Costello, via email.