Remember you can be voted out

I am amazed by the proposed Clarendon Arcade development. I find it incredible that a development of this type would be considered viable let alone desirable at a time when so many retail premises are standing empty in Leamington.

The proposed plans show an oversized building that would be unbearable to local residents, would engulf several roads which presently have small businesses on them that would be put out of business, and create yet another massive building in place of one of a dwindling number of open spaces in the town. Whereas a sympathetic low-level redevelopment of the present car park might be acceptable, the monstrous plans presented could never be.

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I feel that if this were to be approved then serious questions must be answered about the decision-making process and the integrity of the persons making those decisions. Clearly this development is not supported by local residents or even the town council, so what are the true motives of the district council with regard to this matter?

Obviously money is involved, but the decision regarding planning consent must be made on environmental grounds and the wishes of the people who have to live with it. Councilors should remember that they can be voted out! - Timothy M Bury, Lower Brailes, Banbury.