Remembering pool at Binswood Hall

Regarding your recent Nostalgia story about the Onslow Pool at what used to be the Leamington Boys Collect, Binswood Hall.

During the early 1960s I was employed by the local building contractor, J.T. Rhodes, who were based in The Spinney, off Rugby Road, Leamington, where the former Milverton railway station was situated.

Although the parents started the pool they also had to get the professionals in. During this time (1961) I worked on the construction of the swimming pool. The site had been cleared and the pool excavated by the Parents’ Association and I was then in charge of concreting the base and the walls. At first the pool was open-air.

I then moved on to other contracts while other workmen laid pavings round the pool. Then later walls were built around it, ready to support the roof.

In 1962 I returned to the pool and added the roof so that the pool could be used all year round.


Mr Rhodes had two sons at the college at this time and I believe the headmaster was a Mr Williamson. - Denis A. Standbridge, Williams Road, Radford Semele.