Reputation being unfairly sullied

I note with dismay in last week’s edition of the Courier that Cllr Linda Bromley is still undergoing disciplinary deliberations from Warwick District Council’s standards committee.

I do not understand what there is to apologise for. I attended the forum meeting concerned and also asked questions of Lydia Turpin regarding her application for funding for the Boxing Club. I recall Cllr Linda Bromley’s questioning regarding the finances and operation of the club to be completely appropriate and her manner was in no way disrespectful to Lydia Turpin.

A councillor has a duty of care in regard to the application of public funds and Cllr Bromley was, as always, diligent in her responsibilities to Warwick taxpayers.

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In addition to the grant of £1,840 from the community forum, I understand that £10,000 was allotted by WDC to the Boxing Club, though I cannot recall anyone being consulted, least of all me as ward councillor. This club is being subsidised in marked contrast to the £25,000 being withdrawn from Hill Close Gardens, of which I am a trustee.

It is time this complaint was dropped because Cllr Bromley’s unblemished record as an excellent councillor is being unfairly sullied.

Cllr Michael Kinson OBE, Warwick District Council