Same problem year after year

As I am sure you are aware we have a new batch of travellers encamped on the grass land between Aylesford School and the pond on our estate.

Year after year I have seen the mess they make leaving items and rubbish scattered everywhere, being a dog walker, but this time I felt they chose a better place and wasn’t unhappy with their appearance this time until now.

Earlier today (Wednesday) I was walking my dog along the path from the Shreres Dyche entrance of the pond towards the new Taylor Wimpey show home. To my utter disgust I found human faeces and lots of loo roll along the pathway. This is outwith the encampment and as you go nearer their camp you find even more.

I have spoken to Bellway Homes and they have said that they have to wait until after the weekend before they can lodge their application to evict and they believe this could take up to a couple of weeks.

They also mentioned that as the land had only changed hands within the past two weeks, their name would not yet be on the Land Registry and therefore even this application may be unsuccessful without the previous land owners backing. This happens to be Warwickshire County Council. I had been told that Bellway approached WCC for their help and they refused to help. Bellway offered to do all the paperwork and take on the costs of it all but simply have WCC’s name on the application and they said no.

Isn’t there something that can be done? Normally they just leave a whole lot of rubbish but this has gone too far.

David Lafferty, via email