Seldom heard praise for fire service

Around 8am on Saturday I had for the first time ever to call 999 as I had a chimney fire here at the farm. I was put through to the Fire Service who promptly took the details and said they would be there as soon as possible.

Indeed they were - one appliance and a team of four. They were all fast and efficient and, above all, reassuring about the fire which was dealt with quickly with very little fuss or mess.

I was a little embarrassed as I had my rods and brush ready to do both my chimneys that afternoon as we have no other heating and I am always aware of the need to keep them clean and the firemen commented that maybe I should have done the work a day or two earlier

Information regarding ‘what to do next’ was handed to me and explained in detail whilst they were clearing up and they were on their way back to Leamington before 9am on a freezing cold morning just before the end of their shift.

Far too often we hear criticism of our ‘services’, be it police, fire, ambulance, nurses, refuse collectors and so on, yet the praise is very seldom put into the public domain. So to my point, thank you fire service for your exemplary work. - Richard Cook, Five Ways, Hatton.

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