Shedding some light on a problem

I was going to ask a question: why are there so many cars being driven with defective headlights? However, I think I have the answer.

For the police to capture one of these culprits they, in the main, must be travelling in the opposite direction. The answer is that they just cannot be bothered to turn round and give chase. It is far easier to follow cars until they make a mistake as we all do from time to time and pull them over. It may be highly commendable to have campaigns regards driving under the influence or speeding but the amount of vehicles being driven with defective lights has reached what I would consider to be epidemic proportions.

On a recent trip from Skegness I noticed 14 vehicles with faulty lights. Last week on a trip from Leamington to Coventry I noticed four and this morning (October 3)on a trip to Nuneaton and back I noticed nine vehicles.

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I don’t believe I am seeing the same vehicles over and over again and I also cannot believe that these drivers are unaware of their situation.

I am sure that the police will have a different version to mine - of course it must be that they have had cuts and there are fewer police on the streets. I don’t think that this can wash anymore. It would be interesting to see statistics with regards to this offence compared with other offences.

I would like to close with a second observation and that is the lack of indication in particular at roundabouts. Again this has reached epidemic proportions. Oh and lorries with no chance of overtaking on motorways travelling side by side for mile after mile. This is dangerous as it leaves only one lane, the outside one, for all other vehicles.

Let’s see some action on these matters rather than just the old chestnuts. - Name and address supplied.