Sick to death of endless roadworks

How many more roads need to be dug up? I am sick to death of diversions and delays caused by what seems to be a never-ending succession of roadworks.

I understand that the sewer works in Leamington needed to be done but the massive disruption this has caused has been compounded by a rash of resurfacing works popping up unannounced in Kenilworth and again in Leamington.

My commute from Kenilworth into Leamington has been terrible for a year anyway because of the Severn Trent works but the recent sudden resurfacing around Dale Street and the appearance of roadworks again on the Kenilworth Road near Northumberland Avenue has taken it to new heights.

I used to think the tale about the highways department needlessly digging up roads in March to spend all their budget was a myth.

But as I sit stationary in another long queue of traffic trying to get to work I’m beginning to suspect there is some truth in it.

I do wonder though if the problem will ease once the roadworks are finished. I strongly suspect that the road systems in Leamington and Warwick are not good enough to support the volume of traffic that use them.

Many people must commute from Kenilworth to Leamington or Warwick every day and like me must be fed up with traffic queues. Friends of mine tell me the problem is the same on almost every main road in and out of the two towns. Perhaps it is time for the county council to look at a park and ride service like they have in Stratford or promote a car-sharing scheme like I have seen in other towns and cities.

In the meantime I look forward to the roadworks ending and pray that no one comes along straight afterwards to dig them up again! - Name and address supplied.

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