State of greens is unacceptable

Could someone please explain the disgraceful condition of the greens and parks on Hatton Park and the surrounding areas.

The grass in many areas has not been cut, I am guessing in an attempt to create an effect, although the effect is only a very messy one! It is more likely a way of cutting costs, in the usual way for the benefit of the council but not the residents.

My daughter has just been out to play and has come back covered in dog faeces as it is obviously impossible for dog owners to pick it up properly in the long grass Also, where it has been cut, it has not been cut regularly enough to make it presentable.

As they seem to be withholding a service that should be provided, am I within my rights to withhold a percentage of my council tax? If so, what level is acceptable?

I regularly drive into Solihull where you drive through extremely presentable areas compared to ours. It is shameful the state of our roads and estates when we pay a considerable amount of council tax - it makes me wonder what for?!

I know I may be being facetious with my comments, but I also know I am not the only person who feels this way, so the council’s comments would be grateful received.

John R Payne, Via email

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