Stocking up on food for the future

No wonder the council has given the go-ahead for Morrisons to build a supermarket on the old Ford Foundry site, with 575,000 migrants pouring into the country last year, which equates to one per minute, food must be available.

We already have the Lidl supermarket approximately 200 yards away and Sainsbury’s about 500 yards.

Waitrose is waiting for permission to build on the fire station site. The Walnut Tree pub is now a Tesco mini-supermarket.

In true Labour tradition, the coalition supports building more and more supermarkets and houses, obviously to cater for the rise in the populace, with it rising at a rate of one a minute through migrants alone, we will need an awful lot of supermarkets and houses.

David Cameron said in the Conservative manifesto that immigration would be restricted to tens of thousands, and he would also stop the 10,800 new houses Labour planned to build in this area. So much for promises - he is planning to pass the buck to the council so Labour’s proposals can go ahead!

It looks to me that our future has been planned by politicians and the EU, so that most people of little importance will end up illiterate and effete, like the Eloi in The Time Machine, who have little interest in technology or the past – like the Eloi, people are being programmed not to work - but they will be happy - filling their trolleys at one of the many supermarkets. The State will provide them with money! Can you visualise these people sitting around, mesmerised by the blades turning (if it’s windy, that is) on the power windmills that are also planned that will surround them, and the High Speed 2 trains (most Conservatives oppose them) that rattle through our once green fields every six minutes. Will they also be wondering where these high-speed trains are going? The nearest station will be more than 20 miles away. - George Sullivan, Pinehurst, Cubbington.