Students make a valuable contribution

I have been very distressed recently about the recent piece in your paper concerning the creation of a so-called “student ghetto”.

Students in Leamington contribute a phenomenal amount to the local economy – not just through shopping, eating, renting and so on, but also in the thousands of hours that they volunteer to improve the local community.

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Examples include our hockey team, who helped to refurbish Castel Froma, a specialist care centre, earlier this year; students who mentor young pupils in schools, societies who run events at Bath Place, and countless more.

Students live in Leamington not simply because it is convenient but because it is a beautiful and for the most part, friendly and welcoming place to live.

I hope that residents who do not like having students living near to them will take the time to consider that the benefits of students far outweigh the downsides. - Izzy John, Welfare Officer, Warwick Student Union.