Talisman show was in fact brilliant

I must take issue with Sal McKeown over her lukewarm review of Rope at the Talisman (KWN last week). Her comments on the direction and setting of the play are apt, but she does less than justice to the play as a whole and the acting in particular.

It was nothing short of brilliant. Far from being “prosy” as she terms it, it was a change to see a group of actors getting to grips with a fascinating scenario where the “action” goes on in the characters’ heads. Tension is built up without recourse to snappy scene changes.

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Yes, there were some long speeches, particularly at the end where the young Brandon tries to justify motiveless murder and the poet, Cadell, drops his cynicism and convinces the audience that the two young men have committed an apalling crime. But the impassioned rendering of these speeches was spellbinding.

Ms McKeown singles out just two actors for praise (they deserve it as do all the cast,) but how she could not mention Brandon and Cadell makes me wonder.

Congratulations to everyone concerned for a great evening’s entertainment! - Maureen Hazelwood, Common Lane, Kenilworth.