Thank you to the Grist Mill pub

It is very unusual that I comment on an article in this, or any other newspaper, but I feel that I must comment on the one regarding The Grist Mill in last week’s Courier.

A few days ago myself and a group of UNISON stewards booked a meal there for a social event on the recommendation of one of the group who has attended the pub on family occasions.

I think I can say that all 20 or so of us enjoyed the meal and found the service friendly, courteous and efficient and it is the first time that I have been on any social event to any local eating establishment where nobody had any complaints of any type.

Out of the group, whose ages ranged between the 30s and 60s, one person told me that she attends the pub on a regular basis and another had been there once before and myself who has been there on family occasions a few times, the rest of the group had never been there, or in some cases, never heard of the place.

As an afterthought I feel that I had better emphasise that this was purely a social occasion amongst friends and colleagues and did not cost UNISON (as a trade union) a penny. I write that sentence in case any anti-union readers of this paper think we were spending our member’s money. We were certainly not. A big thank you to everyone at The Grist Mill for a very nice meal and pleasant evening. - Michael Wincott, The Approach, Leamington.

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