Thanks for turning off engines

Pollution at the top of the Parade due to idling buses continues to be a serious concern. It would be great if bus companies locally considered electric hybrid buses when replacing stock. These buses cut out almost immediately when stationary and after leaving a bus stop or a junction cover short distances using electric power. They are used extensively across the country notably in London and Manchester.

Can anything be done now? Some time ago, I wrote to the Courier about buses idling their engines for extended periods on the Parade. Many people have to stand near these vehicles waiting for their own buses home and this is a particularly threat to children’s health.

After discussions with Stagecoach, I am very pleased that they have adopted a policy that will help the situation. If a driver thinks s/he will be stationary for more than three minutes they have to turn off their engines. As a regular bus traveller, I have noticed that this policy is being adopted by drivers across Leamington, Kenilworth and Coventry. Many thanks to Stagecoach.

Cllr Jerry Weber, Leamington Clarendon