Time for change at the New Windmill

I write to congratulate you on your article of last week about Leamington FC. It was an excellent feature, well detailed with good observations about the former manager and the local players of his team.

Enough is enough for our present incumbent. I have supported Leamington FC for more than 35 years and am thoroughly fed up with his constant criticisms of match officials and the many excuses offered about injuries and unlucky breaks of fortune.

We are always reminded when we travel away, by the home supporters, that we are better, much better, than their lot. This being so we are not getting value for our admission money. The quality of football we watch is very poor, it is certainly the worst standard I can remember in my time.

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The group of people that I meet at the New Windmill have played football at a very good standard and share the same opinion. Kick it long and kick it high is not entertainment.

If we search for a new manager, may I suggest slightly tongue-in-cheek, a temporary caretaker trio of Bill Branston, one again manager, assisted by Ted Forde and the forwards coach Bill Draper.

At least there would be a smile around the place and the quality of football would be greatly enhanced. - Robert Bellingham, Newbold Terrace East, Leamington.

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