Time tax payers woke up to true cost of HS2

Tax payers of Warwickshire wake up! After five years of blight from the vastly expensive and flawed HS2 project coming through our county, it’s time for the British public to realise that every tax payer is paying for the £120-billion cost of this glory project.

The public will not be able to use this railway because there will be no stations between London and Birmingham. This is grossly unfair, particularly as we already have a very good train service to London via Coventry and Leamington. Only wealthy people such as MPs going to Parliament and top businessmen going to company board meetings in London – on expenses – will use it. The costs will be paid for by hard-working British taxpayers.

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition Government is responsible for taking on the previous Labour Government’s folly, via Lord Adonis, to start this unnecessary waste of public money, stolen from the tax payers, to finance the wrong train in the wrong place. Other routes should be considered, such as an eastern line up to Scotland.

This money could be better used on our hospitals and schools and other more valuable and worthy projects to help the British workers and middle classes and not the already rich and greedy.

The General Election is nearly here on Thursday May 7 and sensible members of the public should put a cross for those who are against HS2. This is an important opportunity not to be missed.

A change would protect our rich farmlands and the 50 beautiful ancient woodlands on the proposed route.

R. Ferry, address supplied