Town didn’t live up to its Royal status

Royal Leamington Spa is one of a few towns in the country awarded the honour of Royal status yet on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee what did the council do to celebrate it?

A few strings of small bunting across the top of the Parade and the Union Flag flying on the balcony of the town hall, not even on the main flag pole on top of the building.

Why not any decorations around the building or outside the ROYAL Pump Rooms or even around Queen Victoria? Why not a banner across the road wishing the Queen well for her anniversary as you do for other organisations?

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The lack of activity went no way to encouraging the stores to decorate their frontages. Apart from Benjamin Satchwells and Laura Ashley there was very little sign of the Jubilee. House of Fraser had some posters in the window that looked as though they had been there for months and the colour faded and Boots had one string of bunting in one window. Wildes did make an effort at the top of town.

We have just had the arches and their crowns restored along the front of the Pump Room Gardens, why could they not have decorated them with flags?

At least Warwick and Kenilworth made an effort, well done to you.

All in all your attempt to celebrate the event can be summed up in one word - pathetic. - Name and address supplied.