Treat website with caution

I have to thank Alan Marshall and his friends at Go-HS2 for being so eager to smear the Stop HS2 campaign with factual inaccuracies. As a result of publishing their letter to the KWN on their website already, it gives me the opportunity to reply to the KWN before it has even been printed.

As usual, their campaign are hell-bent on spending their time trying to discredit Stop HS2, accusing us of lying when it is actually them who are guilty. While Mr Marshall has managed to find the copy of the speech sent to the press before the speech, what he has failed to realise is that these embargoed press releases get changed before speeches are made, and in some cases bits are left out in the hope the press don’t notice what was actually said.

Of course the great thing these days is that YouTube exists, so if you search out the user called ‘liarpoliticians’ and find their video ‘David Cameron asset strip UK taxpayers infrastructure part 2 of 2’ you can see what he actually said. What he actually said, right at the start of that video was “We will take difficult decisions. We will risk short-term unpopularity. I think we’ve demonstrated that with HS2 and we will hold fast to our vision in the face of vested interests.”

So to paraphrase Mr Marshall; Against this background, I would invite your readers to treat the contents, and the accuracy, of the Go HS2 website and Alan Marshall with considerable caution. Nice try Alan, but no cigar! - Joe Rukin, campaign coordinator for Stop HS2 and chair of the Kenilworth Stop HS2 Action Group.

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