Trusting councillors to stick to the plan

Next Tuesday at 6pm in the town hall, our district councillors will meet to discuss the future of the proposed Clarendon Arcade. Whatever the councillors decide, we trust that Warwick District Council will ensure that all planning guidelines are followed and the application W10/0340 conforms to the Local Plan in every way. The Local Plan is to be found on the WDC website. It is a formidable 168-page document but messages are clear. For example,

l A development will not be permitted which has an unacceptable adverse impact on the amenity of nearby users and residents such as loss of privacy, loss of sunlight and daylight and noise disturbance.

l A development will only be permitted which protects important natural features and positively contributes to the character and quality of its existing environment

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l Developments will help to support the objective of reducing dependence on the private car, avoid excessive levels of car parking and increase the patronage of public transport and encourage walking and cycling.

We also trust that WDC will be mindful of what happened in Lancaster recently when a similar development was stopped by a Government inspector: “LCC’s approach is simply incorrect. It is impossible to conclude that a proposal complies with the development plan merely because it conflicts with only a minority of policy areas. Policies are not usually ranked in any order of importance. Nor is compliance dependent upon some sort of arithmetical assessment of the number of policies with which a proposal complies. The failure to comply with a single policy, notwithstanding compliance with everything else, clearly constitutes a failure to comply with the development plan; that may well, and often does, lead to a refusal of planning permission.” - Steve Tebby and Mineko Nagasaki, on behalf of Clarendon Residents Group.