What exactly is lights policy now?

Open letter to Cllr Izzi Seccombe:

Confusion now reigns about the policy of the Conservative led county council on street lights. A couple of weeks ago the Conservative group voted not to switch the street lights back on at night. But within days some Conservative councillors, no doubt concerned at the imminence of the election, claimed the policy had changed. They have claimed the lights will be switched on.

As you are aware all the parties supported a bid to get some more funding from the government for LED lights? Labour wanted the street lights switched on pending the outcome of that bid. During the budget negotiations two weeks ago you gave no indication that you had changed your policy whatsoever.

My understanding is that the Conservative position is that the outcome of the LED lights bid will not alter the current policy on street lights. In other words a successful LED bid would not turn the lights back on at night.

If you have changed that policy then this is a significant moment. We need clarification from you as leader of the council about any policy change. Do you plan to switch all the street lights back on or not? If so in what circumstances? Most importantly, when will you switch any streetlights on? Or is it the case as I believe that other than bidding for LED lights, your policy remains unchanged.


Cllr Richard Chattaway, County Councillior for Bede Ward in Bedworth