Where’s the perfect High Street? Right here in Warwick!

What makes the perfect High Street re Mary Portas and her article in The Sunday Times?

Warwick is very very close to matching her ideal, I quote “ Two bakers, two banks, delicatessens, dry cleaners and cafes “ She goes on to mention butchers, ironmongers and bemoans the effect of out of town retail parks that have affected the country, and now the internet. All true and all playing into the hands of Warwick and confirming what a unique town we have. The article does go on and the more I read the more relevant it is to us.

Landlords, councils, the Chamber of Trade and of course the consumers must take this as a green light to keep the special qualities of Warwick and build upon what we have.

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All I am asking is keep Warwick great and if you have thoughts about how to improve use the channels available and tell people your ideas.

Sadly Mary did not mention clothes shops in her ideal town, but who knows.

Tim Nash, Ferguson Nash, Warwick.