Would anyone else be prepared to pay more council tax?

I read with increasing concern in last week’s Courier of the plans by Warwickshire County Council to cut more than 600 further jobs at County Hall, due apparently to the enforced ‘freezing’ of council tax, and other so-called “economies” foisted upon them by the present Government.

Am I the only resident of this fair county to say that enough is enough, and that if it is possible to re-consider these horrendous cut-backs by actually increasing the council tax, I would in fact be more than happy to pay it?

The loss of jobs is one thing, but what about the loss of vital services and facilities provided by Warwickshire County Council - surely they will also inevitably have to be curtailed still further if these redundancies go ahead?

Warwick has already lost its police and fire stations and its county courts, its library has been reduced in size and its ambulance station is now up for sale!

At this rate we’ll soon end up as a ghost town in permanent darkness!

John Payton, Kettlewell Close, Woodloes Park, Warwick