Wrong to use green belt for more homes

Earlier this year I learned and was alarmed that development on the green belt to the north of Leamington was on the cards, I wrote a letter to the Courier. In answer this was denied as a definite decision by Councillor Doody in the following week’s edition.

Recently I understand that this green belt area is now a preferred area for future development.

I feel that the following questions should be addressed before a serious mistake is made:-

1. Why are plans to develop on green belt still preferable to developing white belt?.

2. Why is development to the north of Leamington preferable to the south where the main infrastructure and amenities are situated? The Shires, M40 motorway, most of the industry, the science park, car showrooms, the temple, three supermarkets and the station.

3. Why has the council ignored the traffic problems? These will be greatly increased with traffic from the north going through the town to the main amenities in the south.The majority of schools are also south of Leamington.

4.Why has the council ignored White Belt land that I am told is already owned by developers? This ideal area is situated to the south of Leamington.

5. Does the council accept that many of the shoppers will elect to go to Kenilworth to avoid a traffic gridlock, if travelling from north to south?

6. Has the council considered the expensive, difficult and probably impossible task of improving the road system to the north of Leamington to meet the increased demand?

I am a resident of north Leamington and it is a residential area, but without necessary requirements it is wrong to use the green belt for more homes and would suggest that any other residents that are concerned and puzzled by the above proposal should inspect the plan details and also make their views known. - Philip Page, Northumberland Road, Leamington.

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